DI Shona Mckenzie Mysteries

DI Shona Mckenzie

Newly transferred to Dundee in the first book, Killer’s Countdown, Shona is feisty, funny, sharp and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She spends her life knee deep in dead bodies with a murder count which is the talk of Scotland. She loves her team but sometimes despairs of the disparate characters who make it up. Her favourite tipple is Whiskey and her love interest is Douglas Lawson. The procurator fiscal.

Sergeant Peter Johnston

Peter is the wisest member of the team. Coming up to official retirement age he knows everything about everyone in Dundee. He, and his knowledge of Scotland, are Shona’s two greatest assets. His skill at dealing with recalcitrant juniors is legendary. He supports Dundee Football Club and reads The Dundee Courier.

DS Nina Chakrabarti

One of Shona’s closest friends and team member. Nina is bright and easy going. A good sergeant, she still struggles occasionally with reigning in the younger members of the team. She is a fashion guru and wears designer clothes and shoes.

DS Abigail Lau

Although of Chinese parentage, Abigail hails from The Isle of Skye. A friendly individual she fitted right into the team when she arrived in book 2, Killer’s Craft. Her knowledge of the Highlands and Islands is extensive and this has come in useful on numerous occasions.

DC Roy McGregor

Team bad boy and always seems to be in trouble. Shona has difficulty reigning him in and sometimes has to rely on Peter to deal with him. His best feature is his ability with computers. It is this which keeps him in the team.

DC Jason Roberts

Jason arrives in the team from a background as an Infantryman in the Territorial Army. This earns him his nickname of Soldier Boy. He is a bit hung ho when it comes to weapons and would sue them at every opportunity. He and Roy have a long running feud.

DC Iain Barrow

Resident crime scene and fingerprint expert. He is a genius in his field. He is one of Shona’s most trusted team members. He also carries out all the photography for the team.

The Fergus and Flora Mysteries

Flora McDonald

A descendent of the original Flora McDonald who smuggled Bonnie Prince Charlie from Benbecula to Skye during the Jacobite Uprisings. Like her ancestor Flora is feisty and not afraid of danger. An independent spirit, she wears the brightest clothes she can find and likes to wear colours that clash. Doesn’t follow the crowd.

Fergus Bernstein

Flora’s best friend, co-conspirator and the other half of the Detective Duo. His fatter is an archeologist and Fergus wants to follow in his footsteps. He is never happier than when on a dig. He is the calmer of the Detective Duo and tries to keep them on the straight and narrow. This doesn’t always work with Flora engaged in the equation. Therefore, he enjoys the wild ride and is happy to join in her adventures.