Shona’s Dundee: An excerpt from Killer’s Countdown

‘This left her in a job, in a city, which, to her surprise, was growing on her. Yes it rained most of the time, but people were much friendlier here than down south. They cared about and looked out for each other, something Shona appreciated. These were tough, hard- working people, their characters chiselled by history. Formed on the decks of whaling ships, in jute mills and shipyards. They worked in jam factories and journalism and owned their city.  Nothing could kill their spirit, not even years of growing unemployment and social disadvantage. They were proud and generous, loud and yet caring. Despite being born in Dundee she had lived in England most of her life, but that didn’t matter to them. She was a Dundonian, so one of them, and they welcomed her back with open arms.’